The GenWye Demo

by GenWye

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A collection of introspective, opaque songs about relationships, religion, art, self-medication, J Mascis, and sexual identity, pulling influence from classic indie rock greats like REM and Guided By Voices, as well as a touch of modern emo-revival sensibility.

As this is a demo, the only instruments featured are guitar and vocals.


released June 3, 2016

All songs, written, produced, and performed by Price Nagler

Album art by GenWye

I want to thank all of my friends who helped give me feedback and support when I desperately needed it. Some of those people are: Quinn, Benji, Kevin, Eric, Skylar, Zach, Luke, Aaron, Jackson, Alex, Chris, Ethan, Josh, and Mere.

And of course, mom, thanks for being a hard-ass and not doling out compliments easily.

This one's for all of you, for bearing with me. Hope ya dig it



all rights reserved


GenWye Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Apologist
Apologist has come around

Fear of disorder
Has led me down
A solitary path

The safety net
That I clung too
Had become
An entangling trap

If you could read my lips
They would say
“This secret’s not for you anyway”

Sometimes I would wander
And release
Control that I so craved

A side effect
Helped me wash
All my fears away

So, now I know
This part of me
that had believed
was a joke
Track Name: React
This empty room
Is strewn with clothes
This tattered bed
Will comfort me

These thoughts that come
They haunt me
When I’m alone
This wonderful night

I’m scared for what the future holds
I don’t know how I will react

No one has come
The door is locked
But if I know
One thing

These bloodshot eyes
I’ll see why
The world’s encumbered
This wonderful night
Track Name: Play Like J
I wanna play like J
And write some sweet-ass melodies
So everyone can see
That they were wrong
For tuning out on me

I wanna prove myself
I bite off more than I can chew
And show it all to you
For all my ambition I come up short
It’s true
Track Name: Calling
All the ruckus
So bludgeoning
And every person
Calling to me

The drawn conclusion
So unappealing
So uninspiring

False descriptions are uncontested
“Don’t you worry all is well”

All night
Hold tight
Sweetly calling
Sweetly calling

I whispered
What she already knew
I whispered

The sun’s on the rocks where you are

Dream fatigue
Won’t you wake me?

Commend the art for what it said
Regardless how bored you’re feeling
Can we resurrect the dead?
“Yes we can, I stress we can”

She didn’t hear me
She didn’t want to

The sun’s on the rocks where you are